Nobody listens

Nobody in my family ever listens to me.  I give really good advice, and I almost always know what I'm talking about, but nobody listens.

If I want them to listen to me, I have to get my brother to tell them.

Here's an example.  A couple of years ago, my mom's oven started to go out.  It drove her crazy and ruined more than one meal.  I said, let's go get you a new one.  She fussed very hard because she only wanted white.  Black and stainless steel are ugly.  Grey would ruin everything.  It had to be white.

White is not a color that's real popular right now.  The store I took her to only had one white oven, and it didn't have the little ridges on top to contain the mess if you spill.  She HAD to have white, and she HAD to have those ridges.  The very helpful salesman searched everything available anywhere, and what she wanted didn't exist.

I took her home.  She continued to complain about the stove, but couldn't commit to the white stove without the ridges.  I offered repeatedly to just order the thing, but she wouldn't let me.  This went on for over a year.

Finally she spent a half hour complaining to me about the stove.  I went to my brother, H, the next oldest after me.  You need to make mom buy a new stove, I said.  It took 45 minutes from that conversation until the stove was ordered.  And she loves the stove!  And thinks I'm weird when I ask if she minds that it doesn't have ridges on top!



  1. Perhaps it is because you are quiet spoken? I ALWAYS listen to you, Mary! My next oven will not be white. :)


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