It's been a long time

Hmm.  Last time I wrote I was all grumpy and tired.  And tonight I'm grumpy and tired.  I wonder if there's something about that that makes me want to write.

Joe and I rarely fight about things.  The biggest thing we've fought about in 30 years is stuff.  He likes to save everything and gets very angry when I try to get rid of things.  Honestly, you'd think he'd been a deprived foster child who carried a garbage bag of his possessions from home to home, the way he carries on.

Michael moved out of the house more than four years ago.  He left a ton of stuff in his bedroom.  Joe immediately started storing his things in there.  Whenever I would ask Michael to take what he wanted so I could clean out the room, he would say that he couldn't find his stuff because Joe had so much in there.

Danny moved out more than a year ago.  He left a ton of stuff in his bedroom.  Etc.  Same story.

I finally got sick of it.  All week I worked hard, hauling their stuff down to the …

Last day

What a last day.  Tax season is always stressful, and the last day is always hard, but this one was particularly bad.  In a normal year I would have had things wrapped up on Sunday.  I worked hard all day that day and left feeling happy that I was all caught up.  I had a couple of appointments Monday, no big deal.

Monday I came in to a full schedule, mostly procrastinators who knew they owed, waited til the last minute and were mad about everything.  Even some of my own clients, who started months ago, didn't come in to finish until Monday.  They wandered in without an appointment and wanted in depth planning and a nice chat, which would have been fine if they hadn't been piling up in the waiting room.

Today I went through my list carefully and sent emails to a half dozen people who hadn't finished yet.  I did a return for a preparer who got the flu and couldn't get caught up.  She promised to pay me but I bet she won't.  I got a letter from someone who saw me last…


Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that five people as different as my brothers and I could grow up in the same house with the same parents.

Today four of us got together for Easter.  Two of the brothers there are extremely pro gun.  They went out and bought assault rifles when Obama was elected, because they wanted to have them in case he banned them.  One brother does hunt and shoot on a very regular basis -- I'm not defending his having one of those stupid guns, but at least he does use it.  The other brother hasn't been hunting or shooting in decades.  They started a loud discussion about their guns, and how nobody ever better try to take them away.

Another brother and I are violently opposed to assault weapons being available at all to the public.  Both of us would vote to ban them entirely from the earth.

The fourth brother is kind of in the middle, but he's the one who makes political discussions stop, and he wasn't there.

And it went just like the gun de…

Birthday party

Hard to believe we're halfway through February already.  Tax season is off to a frantic start, we're much busier than normal for mid-February.  Which is both good and bad.  Yesterday, for instance, my partner who doesn't like spending money looked at the schedule for today.  I was busy with appointments all day, but she wasn't, so she told the receptionist not to bother coming in.  I would not have done that, but I don't care.  I saw clients all day, and the phone rang and rang and rang.  A dozen clients dropped off paperwork.  And tonight my partner was bitching that she hadn't gotten anything done all day.  Hmmm.  I gently suggested that we not tell the receptionist not to come anymore.

Yesterday we threw a big party for my mother's 85th birthday.  It was the usual annoyance.  I asked her what kind of party she wanted.  She obviously knew, but she wasn't going to tell me.  I thought it would be nice to have it at a restaurant, like she'd done for …

New Years Meme

I used to do these every year, at the old place.  I think I'll do it again this year.

1. What did you do in 2017 that you've never done before? Bury my dad.   2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year? Sort of.  I resolved to make time for reading every day.  I started out doing really well, and then dad got sick and died and I kind of got off track.  I've still read way more this year than I have in awhile, but I'd like to try to do even more.  And I think I want to figure out a way to limit my time on social media.  It's interesting and fun, but those are hours of my life I'm never getting back, and I bet I could find a better way to use them. 3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

No. 4. Did anyone close to you die? My dad.  The man I considered to be my second dad.  The cat, and the dog.   5. What countries did you visit? I did not leave the US this year.  I did have a lovely week on Maui, which is almost as good …

Done with 2017

I'm gonna say it.  2017 has been the worst year ever.  Even not counting the president, which has been pretty awful all by itself.  I lost my dad.  I lost the man I considered to be a second father.  I've been dealing with all the drama of Emily's ups and downs, and my mom falling.  We lost the cat, which sent Joe into a tailspin.  And now the dog is sick. 

Last Wednesday I went to rub the dog's head and realized there were big golf ball-sized lumps under his chin.  By the next day his front leg and his face had swollen up.  Joe took him to the vet, who promised to call with test results the next day.  Finally today I managed to get the news that it's lymphoma.

I wanted to take him tonight to put him down.  He's not actively suffering but he's obviously uncomfortable and he's not enjoying life anymore.  Joe doesn't want to do it yet.  We need to have a talk about this (and I will do it tomorrow regardless, I don't want any animals suffering on m…


2017 has really sucked.  First my dad got sick and died.  Then my mom fell.  Joe has had various health issues and has felt bad for much of the year.

This week, his cat got into some rice.  I have no idea why Emily had rice in her room, or how the cat got in there, the door is always closed.  But she did, and she did, and she ate a bunch of it.  I came home to piles of barfed up rice all over the house.  I wasn't too concerned, that cat has gotten real aggressive about eating things lately.  She drags kleenex out of the garbage and eats it (and throws it up)  Ugh. 

But she seemed kind of droopy.  When Joe got home he was all freaked out about his precious.  He didn't eat dinner and hovered over her all evening.  After I went to bed, he decided to take her to the emergency vet.  They did some xrays and said she had colon cancer.  Emily was there and called her brothers.  They all came over to say goodbye.  I was a bad person and stayed in bed.  I loved the cat, but I had to get…