Round and round

I have something going round and round in my head right now, and I can't stop being mad, so I'm going to put it here and hope it helps.

I have two business partners.  One, we'll call her K, is a good friend, really smart, and a little spacey.  When we agreed to open the business five years ago, we agreed that we'd all be there working full time within two years.  The third partner, J, started full time immediately.  I worked at the school for two years part time, part time in the business, and then quit the school and have been full time ever since.  K has never quit her other job.  She also likes to work late afternoons and evenings in our office, which means often weeks go by without us seeing her.  And she's not real good at responding to emails and texts.

This drives J crazy.  She wants K to work the same day hours that she does, and she wants K to put her availability and appointments on the office calendar so she can see them.  K is not going to work day hour…


I am excited for Michael tonight.  He's on a date!
He dated one woman for six years, I thought they would get married and I was very happy about that.  I really loved her.  When they broke up, I was almost more upset than he was.
It's been three years now, and he hasn't been on one date.  His life is happy and fulfilled, he has a good job and lots of friends, but I keep wishing he'd put himself out there a little bit.
So for some reason this weekend, he made himself a profile on OkCupid, and two women wanted to meet him.  The first thought she might have time for him today but she was too busy filling out applications to medical school.  Hmph, I say.  Priorities.
The second one he was meeting at 8 tonight for drinks and tapas.  At 9:30 he texted me that he knew I was fussing, and he wanted to let me know it was going really well.  Heh.  That boy knows me almost better than I know myself.  
So yay!  Michael's on a date!


Here we are almost halfway through summer, and it's going so fast!

Part of it is that when my dad died during tax season, I put a bunch of people on extension.  They would normally have filed on time if I nagged them, but I didn't feel like nagging this year.  So they're coming in to finish up now.

Part of it is that I have signed up for a series on online classes.  One of them was awful, my first (and last) experience with a for profit university.  I could have just bought the book and learned as much as I did.  Probably more because I would have read the whole book instead of just a few chapters.  One of them (through the local community college, for 1/5 the price of the first one) is quite good and I'm learning a lot.  Very pleased with how that's going.  But these classes do require homework time.

Part of it is that Joe doesn't feel good at all.  He had the kidney stone last year, and has just never really gotten back to normal after that.  He has a lot of …


I guess all those good resolutions about writing more often weren't worth much, were they?  It's been so long it's taken me five minutes to figure out how to write a new entry.

Since I last wrote, tax season ended, our best yet.  It looks like we are going to need to move to a new office.  The one we have is very nice, but we hired an employee this year and it's getting a bit small.  More importantly, the landlord leased most of our floor to a very young and enthusiastic church group.  They use their space for choir practice, complete with drums and electric guitar, and youth group, with kids running up and down the halls yelling.  Most unprofessional.  So we've been looking at new places to rent.  It seems like a lot of work.

Mom and I had a good time in Hawaii.  When we left, I was seriously worried about her.  Her stomach hurt, she said, so she wasn't eating.  She'd lost ten pounds (and if you know my mother, you'd know that's not a good thing f…

Appreciating Emily

I had a client come in today whose son was born the same week as Emily.  The son has graduated high school and is now attending the school of "failure to launch," as his father put it.  He was dating an 18 year old who dropped out of high school.  Her parents did not want them "living in sin" because they are active in their church, so they took the young couple to a minister and helped them get married.  Now they're living in the girl's parents' basement with no education and no jobs.  My clients are beside themselves.

I texted Emily that I was appreciating her rather more than usual today.  Her response was that this is a good time to tell me she's pregnant and has a meth problem.  SIGH.  Everyone else thinks she's hilarious.


Ten more days until the end of tax season, and I'm not working on one of them.  This is starting to seem achievable, despite the very man…

My mom

My mom.  Honestly.  I'd forgotten what it's like to travel with her.
As I mentioned before, this has been a revolting winter in Seattle, and I am going to die if I don't get to see some sunshine soon.  So I told my mom I wanted to go to Maui after tax season.  She hemmed and hawed (but she doesn't have any new summer clothes!) but finally agreed to let me buy her a ticket.
Then she fussed very hard, because our tickets are non-refundable and what if there's some festival in Hawaii that week and we can't get a hotel?
I started looking for a hotel.  I sent her one that looked promising.  She said it looked like a fire trap, but, and I quote, "whatever you pick, I'm sure it will be fine."  Sigh.  I sent her another one.  She honestly doesn't care, but maybe she should ask her friends who stay on Maui where they go.  Fine, please do.  I sent another suggestion.  She countered with the name of the condo her parents used to stay at back when they we…

Life marches on

Last week, my business partner caught a nasty cold, and she insisted on coming to work every day.  I begged her to go home.  I told her how mad I'd be if I got sick.  And she would not leave.  Anybody care to guess where this is going?

I haven't been sick in years.  Probably not since I left my former employer, where people would call in too sick to work and then come in to do their taxes and cough all over me.  I already had one cold this winter, and now I have a worse one.  Ugh.  My partner feels so sad and sorry, but I know she'll do it again.  Maybe I should get pneumonia to teach her a lesson.

The good news is that I finally got caught up on all the work I got behind on when Dad was sick and then planning for the funeral.  For awhile there I was more behind than I've ever been.  Today I put the finishing touches on the last one, and then I brought myself home and put myself to bed.  I am going to go in briefly tomorrow and take Sunday off.  It will be wonderful.