So I’m back.  I started writing at Diaryland in 2001.  When Emily graduated high school, I stopped writing, but I still have things to say.  So I’m moving here, and am going to try to write more often.
Andrew at Diaryland never ever answers his emails, but I was hopeful he might this time.  Awhile ago, he advertised that you could make a book out of your entries there.  I thought I’d like that.  I have a lot of funny kid stories there I don’t want to lose.  But even with the promise of ordering three books, he didn’t respond.  So I’m going through, each day, copying and pasting a week or two worth of entries into a Word document.  It will take me all year, but I’m going to do it.
A quick update on the kids.  When last heard from, Michael had gone back to school, gotten a certificate in composite manufacture, and found a job in quality control at a company that makes parts for Boeing.  He liked the work, but the pay was terrible, and the shop manager was a psychopath.  Michael would get chest pains sometimes from being yelled at.  He found another job down south that offered $4 an hour more and jumped on it.  He works second shift, from 3 to midnight, so avoids most of the traffic.  His life passion is scuba diving, and he is pursuing becoming a diving instructor in his spare time.
Against all the odds (many of you have been reading me for years and remember the VERY MANY TIMES I wanted to kill Danny for his lack of academic interest) Danny graduated college in August with a degree in Chemistry.  He looked for a job in his field for a couple of months, and just when I was about to give up in despair he found one.  In chemistry, it’s all about what experience you have, so this is a great stepping stone for him.  He decided it was time to find a girlfriend, so he went online and found one.  She seems very nice, and they are quite attached.
Emily has finished her third semester of college and decided she did not like it there.  Too small and not enough options.  I love that school and it made me sad, but she is transferring to Western for spring quarter.  In the meantime, she will be living at home, attending the local community college and working for me at the office.
That’s all I’m going to write tonight, but Happy New Year!  I’m looking forward to playing with this new space!


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