Sucky week

This has not been the greatest week ever.  Business is booming, which is great, but that means I'm tired and working a lot.  The third partner is still working another job, so two of us are trying to do most everything.  We're kind of grouchy.

I was really looking forward to having yesterday off, but when I checked my phone there'd been a call from my mom at 2:30 a.m.  Crap!  I called her right away, and my dad had tried to get up in the night and had fallen.  His skin is like tissue paper, so even though he fell on carpet he tore his skin and was bleeding all over the place.  She couldn't get him up.  Naturally she tried to call all the kids in town first, but no one heard their phone (I refuse to sleep with mine).  I would have told her to call 911 anyway.

That's what she ended up doing, the paramedics came right away and got him back into bed, but he was bleeding so much they took him to the hospital.  The hospital bandaged him up, diagnosed a possible UTI and sent him home again.  So after being up all night, she was running around fixing him breakfast.  He wouldn't keep his feet up and was very confused, so she put him to bed.  I think he's got some dementia going on.  By the time I got there he was still not sleeping, calling out, not making any sense.

Mom tried to take a nap but couldn't because he was so agitated.

Did I mention it was her birthday?

We had made plans to take dinner over, and we did.  Dad seemed a little calmer by then, but still hadn't slept.  Mom looked exhausted.  She slept downstairs with him last night and "only" had to tell him to lie down four or five times.  Also he stayed awake for two hours and kept calling out.

But she doesn't need any more help.  No, not at all.

I am going to sic my brother on her as soon as he gets back in town.


  1. You had talked about this with me; the situation will HAVE to change. It's a shame she won't listen to you! :( I'm so sorry for your stress. I hope my emails haven't added to that!! xoxo


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