I will keep writing

It is hard to get back into the habit of writing.  But I'm going to keep doing it.

My cold turned out to have the longest staying power of any cold I've ever had, I think.  After two weeks I'm still snuffling.  We have had snow, and cold, and record-breaking rain.  I went for a walk today for the first time in two weeks, it felt so good just to get outside!

After the usual slow January, clients have started coming in at a brisk rate.  I have half a dozen folders stacked up waiting for me on Monday.  I have the feeling we're busier than usual for this time of year, which is nice.

Emily has still not heard from Western, which is frustrating.  They will be registering for classes in another couple of weeks, and she needs to know where she should register.  If she registers at the community college where she's going this quarter, then I have to pay within seven days or they drop her, so I'm not super excited about rushing into that.  This may take a call from Mean Mommy to get straightened out.  I don't get what's taking so long, she applied in November and her grades are decent.  Western is just frustrating.  Still.

I had thought that Joe and I would be on our own tonight, and I have thought of taking him out for a Valentine's dinner.  Then Mike and Dan heard about it and wanted to come.  We went to one neighborhood restaurant and it was packed, people lined up out to the sidewalk.  So we decided on Chinese instead.  There's a nice little place near here, it's been there forever.  They do a brisk carry out and delivery business, but they also have a few little tables, and no one is ever there.  Tonight there were a few people there, but they had space for us, and the food is very good.

It was fun to talk to the boys.  Emily talks to me all the time.  But Mike doesn't live with me, and Dan really doesn't talk that much.  A thoroughly nice evening.

Tomorrow night Mike and I are going to the Italian dinner at the church with my family.  The food really isn't very good.  I go because I like to see everyone.  Mike goes because it's unlimited pasta.  Joe, Dan and Emily don't go because they don't like the food, so they're on their own for dinner tomorrow.  My parents and brothers and their families usually show up, so it's always a fun evening.


  1. Yesterday may have been my Valentines Day outing with Henry; he's hard to read. The holiday isn't a big deal to me anyway. I know that one of Henry's daughters is waiting to hear from WWU, but she wouldn't start there until September, whereas Emily wants to be there for spring quarter. Someone is not doing his/her job in the admissions office. Or maybe lots of someones.


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