Done with 2017

I'm gonna say it.  2017 has been the worst year ever.  Even not counting the president, which has been pretty awful all by itself.  I lost my dad.  I lost the man I considered to be a second father.  I've been dealing with all the drama of Emily's ups and downs, and my mom falling.  We lost the cat, which sent Joe into a tailspin.  And now the dog is sick. 

Last Wednesday I went to rub the dog's head and realized there were big golf ball-sized lumps under his chin.  By the next day his front leg and his face had swollen up.  Joe took him to the vet, who promised to call with test results the next day.  Finally today I managed to get the news that it's lymphoma.

I wanted to take him tonight to put him down.  He's not actively suffering but he's obviously uncomfortable and he's not enjoying life anymore.  Joe doesn't want to do it yet.  We need to have a talk about this (and I will do it tomorrow regardless, I don't want any animals suffering on my watch).  Joe is destroyed.  Emily is sobbing.  Even I am in tears, and I didn't even like that dog that much.  This is just too much.  2017 can get the heck out of the building.



  1. This is all piling on. I'm so very sorry. Some years are like that. 2012 was definitely that for me and I keep waiting for more blows to hit. Even now. Much love to you and the family!


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