2017 has really sucked.  First my dad got sick and died.  Then my mom fell.  Joe has had various health issues and has felt bad for much of the year.

This week, his cat got into some rice.  I have no idea why Emily had rice in her room, or how the cat got in there, the door is always closed.  But she did, and she did, and she ate a bunch of it.  I came home to piles of barfed up rice all over the house.  I wasn't too concerned, that cat has gotten real aggressive about eating things lately.  She drags kleenex out of the garbage and eats it (and throws it up)  Ugh. 

But she seemed kind of droopy.  When Joe got home he was all freaked out about his precious.  He didn't eat dinner and hovered over her all evening.  After I went to bed, he decided to take her to the emergency vet.  They did some xrays and said she had colon cancer.  Emily was there and called her brothers.  They all came over to say goodbye.  I was a bad person and stayed in bed.  I loved the cat, but I had to get up at 5 to go to a meeting and I didn't want my eyes all swollen.

So after several hours of sadness, the vet put the cat to sleep.  Joe is destroyed.  He can't eat.  His stomach hurts.  He keeps trying to talk about her and getting all choked up. 

In retrospect, she hasn't been feeling well for several months.  Let's just say I'm having the carpets cleaned next week.  But we had no idea it was that bad.  I keep reaching out to the arm of my chair, where she should be sitting, and being surprised at the empty space.  So sad.  She was such a sweet kitty. 


  1. It does seem that some years are full of too much tragedy and pain. So sorry about the kitty. They are definitely a comfort at times.


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