Back from Idaho

We made an offer on another office.  It's about 15 minutes from the current office, and I still wouldn't have a window, but the price is much lower and J is very happy.  The landlord has been thinking about it for two weeks.  I have washed my hands of it.  I hope my clients are willing to travel that much farther.

I just got back from two weeks in Idaho.  I had time with each of my brothers and their families, and my mom was there the whole time.  Long time readers know that two weeks is pushing it for how long my mother and I can be together.  By the last day we had an argument over how to fold fitted sheets (I am not particular, and she unfolds and redoes it when I do it, which I know she will, so why doesn't she just do it herself in the first place instead of snarking at me to do it, and then she offered to show me how to do it her way and didn't understand why I was mad at her, etc.)

I left in the middle to go to Oregon to see the total eclipse.  I was so happy that all three of the kids and Joe were able to take time off and join me there.  I had seen a total eclipse once before, in 1979.  I remember being very impressed, but didn't remember a lot of details.  None of the others had ever seen one.  So I was thrilled that they were there, and they were so interested.

The doom sayers made it sound like it would be a madhouse and it would take six years to get out of the state after, but we didn't have any trouble at all.  We stayed in a hotel about two hours from the path of totality, left at 5 and were parked and ready by 8.  The only crowds we ran into was at the Starbucks, which meant I had a coffee headache for most of the morning.

We were out in the country, up on a hill, so we could see the shadow approaching and had a clear view of everything.  Even expecting to be impressed, it was wonderful.  I feel very lucky.


  1. I might have been more impressed if I'd been in Oregon, but didn't feel like making the trip. My mom is controlling too and can drive me nuts well before a couple of weeks. Love her, BUT...I will continue to send you my stuff and then meet for lunch at Southcenter. :)


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