Here we are almost halfway through summer, and it's going so fast!

Part of it is that when my dad died during tax season, I put a bunch of people on extension.  They would normally have filed on time if I nagged them, but I didn't feel like nagging this year.  So they're coming in to finish up now.

Part of it is that I have signed up for a series on online classes.  One of them was awful, my first (and last) experience with a for profit university.  I could have just bought the book and learned as much as I did.  Probably more because I would have read the whole book instead of just a few chapters.  One of them (through the local community college, for 1/5 the price of the first one) is quite good and I'm learning a lot.  Very pleased with how that's going.  But these classes do require homework time.

Part of it is that Joe doesn't feel good at all.  He had the kidney stone last year, and has just never really gotten back to normal after that.  He has a lot of stomach pain and upset.  I personally think it's gallbladder disease, but none of the doctors he's talked to seem to think I'm right.  So in a normal summer we would have done some fun trips and hikes, but we really haven't done much this year.  Our big adventure this week was a combination endoscopy and colonoscopy, which didn't discover anything interesting.


After much fussing on the part of my fussy partner, we have settled on an office to move to.  Now to see how much we can get them to knock off the price.  It's funny, this is the building I loved when we were looking four years ago, but we couldn't afford it then.  We can now, and it's a perfect setup.  I'm very happy.  The landlord is going to paint and put in new carpet, and we'll move in during November.  That will be a big job I'm not looking forward to.  But I will finally have a window in my office.  And the band won't be practicing next door.  It's going to be awesome.

Danny and his girlfriend broke up a few weeks ago.  None of us except Danny were particularly sorry.  She's nice enough, but I don't think she's the right person for him.  But I hear rumors she was around yesterday and took him out for his birthday.  Danny will never tell me anything, so I will keep quiet and learn what I can from the spy who lives with him.  Heh.

Now I have to go get ready to go to a funeral.  One of our good friends lost his brother to a heart attack at age 62 last week.  It breaks my heart.  An older brother had a heart attack a few years ago, and enough damage was done that he's in a wheelchair now.  And our friend is about 150 lbs overweight.  I like him so much, and I worry about him every day.


  1. So sorry about your friend's brother--especially at that YOUNG age! My friend in Alaska has health issues (no gall bladder) but probable issues with her bile duct. It gets messy to figure these things out! Congrats on your new office!


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