I guess all those good resolutions about writing more often weren't worth much, were they?  It's been so long it's taken me five minutes to figure out how to write a new entry.

Since I last wrote, tax season ended, our best yet.  It looks like we are going to need to move to a new office.  The one we have is very nice, but we hired an employee this year and it's getting a bit small.  More importantly, the landlord leased most of our floor to a very young and enthusiastic church group.  They use their space for choir practice, complete with drums and electric guitar, and youth group, with kids running up and down the halls yelling.  Most unprofessional.  So we've been looking at new places to rent.  It seems like a lot of work.

Mom and I had a good time in Hawaii.  When we left, I was seriously worried about her.  Her stomach hurt, she said, so she wasn't eating.  She'd lost ten pounds (and if you know my mother, you'd know that's not a good thing for her!)  She was so tired and sad.

We went on a trip without an agenda, a first for her.  And at first she wasn't sure she liked it.  But then she kind of got used to sitting around.  Having breakfast and doing sudoku on the lanai of the condo (which turned out to be gorgeous, by the way).  Taking naps.  Going for walks.  We rented a car and drove for several hours in different directions each day.  While we were there, it would have been mom and dad's 58th wedding anniversary.  I had gotten cards from all my siblings to give her, and took her out for a nice dinner.

By the time we came back, she was feeling more normal, was eating again, and much happier.  So it was a good trip.  I may do it again next year.


I had heard of such things happening, but I never thought it would happen in my family.  A couple of weeks ago, Michael got a call from a recruiter who'd seen his profile on Linked In.  (the one I begged and pleaded and made him set up, heh).  He hadn't really been thinking about looking for a new job, but was getting pretty bored and frustrated with the old one.  He went on one interview, then another one, and got offered the job!  It's in the north end, which will cut his commute to about a third of what it has been, and it will pay him about 30% more than he's been getting.  We are all so happy for him.  He'll be getting what would be a family wage anywhere else in the country.

He and Danny just signed a lease on a place about ten minutes from here.  Michael's roommate got married a few weeks ago, so he's been looking for somewhere closer to where his friends are, and Danny is ready to be back on his own again.  It is a wonderful coincidence that Michael is moving about 15 minutes farther from his old job, but 15 minutes closer to his new one.  I know the landlord and he's a good guy, so this is a good arrangement all around.

Emily has finished her second quarter at the community college and seems to be getting her feet under her again.  Her boyfriend broke up with her a couple of weeks ago.  After a few days of complete hysterics, she realized that it's been a long time coming.  She joined an online dating service, went on one date, decided it was too soon and deleted it from her phone.  Whatever.

Her current plan is to take math and chemistry this summer and fall, do a quarter abroad in the winter, and then apply to Western again for next fall.  Hopefully she'll get in this time.

So now I'm sort of caught up.  Tomorrow I will discuss the awfulness of the online class I just finished taking.


  1. This is a LOT to cover, but it has been a while. Glad for the boys, and for Emily if the break up was needed. There might be one in my future too, although as little as I see the guy lately, it won't make a lot of difference. :( It will be horribly hard though. Hawaii sounds like a great trip! Happy your mom is doing better.


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