Appreciating Emily

I had a client come in today whose son was born the same week as Emily.  The son has graduated high school and is now attending the school of "failure to launch," as his father put it.  He was dating an 18 year old who dropped out of high school.  Her parents did not want them "living in sin" because they are active in their church, so they took the young couple to a minister and helped them get married.  Now they're living in the girl's parents' basement with no education and no jobs.  My clients are beside themselves.

I texted Emily that I was appreciating her rather more than usual today.  Her response was that this is a good time to tell me she's pregnant and has a meth problem.  SIGH.  Everyone else thinks she's hilarious.


Ten more days until the end of tax season, and I'm not working on one of them.  This is starting to seem achievable, despite the very many people who are coming in much later than usual this year.

When my dad was in the hospital, I filed an extension for my parents  I figured whatever happened they'd need some extra time.  But of course my mother has never filed past the deadline and is not about to start now.  She sent a packet of forms for me to start working on.  Yesterday I opened it up, saw all my dad's forms and burst into tears.  Most attractive.  I am going to need some time to get used to this new part of my life.  In ten more days.


  1. It makes it seem so REAL when you see the forms and the name. I went through Patt's SAVE boxes, looking for his parents' marriage license. I've been afraid to do so for the past 4 years. Sure enough, I found lots of photos and cards he had saved from people, mostly the girls. Made me weepy. I can't imagine how hard it would be so soon after! Emily IS funny, but ouch. ;) How is she doing in Bham?


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